4 Essential Reasons for Hiring Temporary Workers

Even though the lockdown has made it hard for some people in Sydney, there are still a lot of job opportunities in the city. Every day, new jobs are being added in Sydney. You may decide whether to hire people or hire a labour-hire company. If you search for “top labour-hire companies Sydney” or “top labour-hire companies Sydney,” you will find hundreds of agencies. But why is it preferable to utilise a Sydney labour hire firm instead of recruiting yourself to fill temporary and permanent blue-collar roles?

Consider the following advantages of working with a professional recruitment and labour hiring firm.

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1. Speed

A recent report says that the job market is tight and that several areas have major skill shortages. As of right now, as many as 42 per cent of all Technician and Trade Occupations are short-staffed. This shows how vital this sector is to the economy. With the current job market, it may take your organisation longer than it has to find qualified candidates. A staffing or labour-hire company can help you find and place workers in as little as 24 hours.

2. Budget-Freeing Result

Not having a replacement for 68 days is expensive on its own, but it also means that production is lost. It has been found that it costs $20,000 to train and upskill a new hire, bringing the total cost to replace an employee to a shocking $73,000.

Using a Sydney labour hire firm is a cheaper way for a business to hire people than more traditional methods like posting ads on job boards. Costs like advertising, holding interviews and making a final hiring decision can add up quickly when you are trying to fill an open position.

Superannuation, payroll tax, holiday pay, and workers’ compensation are just some of the expenses that come with hiring a new employee. When using a temp agency, your firm will not have to pay for these benefits.

Staffing agencies can fill temporary, permanent, and seasonal jobs for less money if they work together. If the chosen candidate doesn’t work out, they can find a good replacement quickly, making sure the transition goes smoothly and costs as little as possible.

3. Impactful Hiring

A recruitment agency’s only job is to find qualified people to fill open jobs for an employer. Workforce placement agencies have gotten better at hiring over time, which lets them spot and get rid of low-performers quickly.

These tried-and-true ways of hiring take into account more than just a person’s skills. Along with a candidate’s education, experience, and certifications, objective scientific methods are used to evaluate their work ethic, safety mindset, and cultural fit.

In a nutshell, utilising a Sydney labour hire firm is beneficial since it can locate qualified individuals, usually through extensive networking and database access. They also look for people who will boost morale, keep up a culture of safety, and represent the company with enthusiasm and commitment. Finding people for temporary or permanent jobs is easier if you hire a recruiter.

4. Enhanced Adaptability 

Using a labour-hire service gives your organisation more leeway in selecting and retaining employees. Say, for instance, you need help with a one-off project but don’t want to commit to a full-time staff. A labour-hire firm can locate a worker with the necessary expertise in a short amount of time, and you can hire them for a limited time. Therefore, no time is spent on bringing on a new team member, getting them up to speed, or getting them acquainted with the group.

To sum up, the beauty of working with a labour-hire firm is that it can provide all of the aforementioned advantages for a fraction of the cost of doing your job search and with minimal loss of production.

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