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The recent funding round will help the tel Aviv-based security company expand its R&D efforts and open new offices globally. Cider Security’s technology platform is already used by dozens of global companies. The company is backed by Globes Publisher Itonut (1983) Ltd.

Cider Security’s platform provides granular visibility with engineering technologies, systems and processes

Cider Security is an Israeli security company that emerged from stealth to offer comprehensive visibility across the SDLC and application security buxic. Its platform provides granular visibility into security risks and provides recommendations tailored to the environment. It integrates with all engineering technologies, systems and processes, providing comprehensive security analysis and mapping of all intelligent connections in the environment. This gives enterprise security teams end-to-end visibility of their entire CI/CD pipeline.

With the new funding, Cider Security will be able to expand its international operations and open new offices to expand its global reach. The company’s security platform has already been used by dozens of global companies. It has a stellar advisory board and has attracted many leading security experts as investors and advisors. Founded by Daniel Krivelevich and Guy Flechter, the startup is well-positioned for future success.

Cider Security’s cloud-based platform allows for granular visibility and access control in the software supply chain. It automatically discovers software pipeline assets and SDLC assets in a secure manner. The company recently acquired Argon, a solution for securing the software supply chain. This acquisition comes after the company recently raised $30 million in a Series A round of funding.

The platform also enables organizations to enforce the segregation of duties by job role and provides granular audit trails of all user actions. It even traces superuser privileges back to the original user identity. With such comprehensive visibility, enterprises can ensure that privileged accounts aren’t being misused by hackers. The platform also supports graphical RDP sessions, native SSH clients, web-based applications and cloud management consoles.

It integrates seamlessly with all systems across your CI/CD pipeline

Cider Security is a Tel Aviv-based company anxnr focused on application security. The company offers security solutions for containers, embedded software, and applications. Its latest release integrates with popular development tools, making it easier to integrate security into your development pipeline. It also helps developers achieve shorter release cycles and reduce security risks.

Cider Security’s AppSec Operating System is a unified platform that provides a single, consistent way to orchestrate security for your CI/CD pipeline. The platform helps you manage security across all of your engineering ecosystem, providing full visibility and full resilience. It also offers Scanner-as-a-Service, giving you access to dozens of open source scanners.

It helps companies identify security risks

A Tel Aviv-based startup aims to help companies identify security risks in their DevOps pipelines with its software security platform. The startup recently raised $32 million in Series A funding led by Tiger Global. This funding will be used to accelerate engineering and expand its global presence. The company is targeting a market launch in late 2020. Already, dozens of companies use Cider’s software to protect their development environments.

The Cider Security platform can identify security issues within the CI/CD pipeline and software code. The solution provides access to a catalog of third-party code scanning tools. It also aggregates the results of these tools to find vulnerabilities. Users can find and remediate security issues in just a few minutes.

Cider Security is one of the first companies to provide this type of application security software. The company’s technology aims to provide a single pane of glass for companies by analyzing security risks across the SDLC and application life cycle. This way, companies can implement a better security posture and protect their data.

Raised $32 Million in Series A Funding

Cider Security is an application security platform that allows users to orchestrate application security measures and controls from a single pane of glass. Founded in 2013, the company is backed by Griffin Capital and Jeremy Griffin. It currently employs 60 people at its offices and customers include Rapyd, Riskified, and AppsFlyer.

Cider Security’s platform allows users to orchestrate and manage application security measures and controls through a single pane of glass

Cider Security is an application security platform for CI/CD environments, and its platform offers granular visibility of application security risks. It integrates security without interrupting engineering, providing prioritized risk assessment and recommendations tailored to the environment. It integrates with all systems across the CI/CD pipeline and aims to provide comprehensive analysis across the entire environment. With the Cider platform, users are able to manage application security measures and controls through a unified pane of glass.

Until now, AppSec teams have struggled with inconsistencies, delays and massive data collection, which add to the complexity of AppSec management. Cider Security’s platform is built with AppSec security in mind, and offers an easy-to-use single interface for application security management. The platform allows users to coordinate application security controls, people, and tools, and provides a single pane of glass to view, manage, and monitor all application security controls.

The company was founded in 2013

After three years of stealth mode, Cider Security has emerged to offer customers visibility into the SDLC and application security risks. The company’s solution is a novel approach to application security that takes the realities of application development into account. The startup has already been adopted by dozens of companies.

Cider Security is an application security platform that helps software developers and IT teams discover and fix security problems in the CI/CD pipeline. The platform has an extensive catalog of third-party code scanning tools and a streamlined interface that guides developers through finding and fixing security issues.

It was funded by Griffin Capital

The Series A funding of Cider Security comes just as the startup has achieved some impressive milestones. The company plans to use the funds to expand its R&D capabilities in Israel and expand its presence globally. The company already has dozens of global clients that utilize its platform. The new funding will help the startup launch its commercial product in late 2020.


The company’s platform can identify security issues in CI/CD pipelines and software code. It aggregates results from third-party code-scanning tools to identify vulnerabilities. The platform also provides a user interface that allows developers to find security issues quickly. This allows the company to remove barriers to implementing protection for its customers dstvportal.

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