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Bathroom Renovation and the Cost Associated With It: A Guide

The bathroom is one of the favourite places for homeowners to renovate and remodel. People renovate bathrooms even more than their kitchens. After all, bathrooms are easy and quick to redo as they are smaller. Also, reduced space leads to reduced costs as there are lesser cabinets and countertops.

Remaining abreast with the bathroom renovation cost in Sydney helps in setting an accurate budget for the renovation. People in Australia must have heard about the construction prices increasing substantially after the pandemic. Other issues, such as rising inflation and supply chain issues. As per an estimate, the standard bathroom renovation in Sydney costs from $20000 to $35000, while for a luxurious bathroom, it is more than $35000. Areas like Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs witness higher quotes owing to the higher costs of trade. It is crucial to decide on a budget for the renovation of the bathroom.

Let’s have a look at some tips for the renovation of the bathroom:

  • Optimising the Space

One of the best tips for redoing the bathroom is the optimum use of the tight space. Using the corners, it is better to create a dedicated space for toiletries and medicines. This can especially be helpful in tiny bathrooms as space is limited. Flatten the bathroom ceiling by replacing the ceiling light with recessed light. For extra storage space, built-in wall storages are a great choice. Such small changes won’t add much to the bathroom renovation cost in Sydney.

  • Focus on Ventilation

Ventilation is essential for any bathroom. You can do it by having an appropriately sized window or an exhaust fan. Check for the sound that the fans make, as sometimes they can be too loud and noisy. A well-ventilated bathroom gives a fresh feel instead of feeling suffocated.

  • Add Plants 

Add plants in the bathroom to give a pop of colour. Plants break the monotony of the bathroom and add colours for visual appeal. Choose a floating shelf for placing the plants in case of space constraints. In the case of a big bathroom, place the plants at the corners or the countertops. Plants also offer a cosy vibe to the bathroom.

  • Right Flooring

Everyone loves wooden flooring as they add a great character to the bathroom. However, they don’t make the best flooring choice for bathrooms. Choose bathroom flooring that is sturdy and strong enough to sustain daily usage. The best options for bathroom flooring are porcelain tile, vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, and vinyl plank. The texture of the tiles should be such that people don’t slip, especially kids and older adults.

  • The Right Use of Colour

Most people with small bathrooms need to make them appear more prominent. The right choice of colours can help with it. Darker colours can make the bathroom appear smaller, while lighter colours can make them look spacious. Always colour the bathroom ceiling white or ivory; otherwise, it will shrink the bathroom even more.

  • Lighting Matters

There should be ample lighting in the bathroom, especially near the mirror. Sconce lights are the best choice, and it is better to avoid blinding lights.

  • Add Décor

If the space permits, the home decorators suggest adding freestanding pieces like a decorative chair, design element, vase, or cupboard. In smaller bathrooms, the decorative pieces should have practical utility as well. It helps in keeping the bathroom renovation cost in check.

  • More Mirrors

The bathroom is a space where people like to look at themselves. Having more mirrors in the bathroom is a great idea. Mirrors are also a design element as they expand the bathroom and add lights. Large mirrors covering the entire wall are a great choice in small bathrooms.

The tips mentioned above will offer the much-needed makeover to the bathroom. It is better to make a budget as it will help in keeping bathroom renovation costs in check.

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