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Microsoft Increases Live Gold Prices

Microsoft has increased the price of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Instead of $40 per year, the subscription will now cost $60. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost $120 per year, which is an easy upsell. Microsoft is clearly trying to get more people to upgrade to the Ultimate plan. But is this move a smart move?

Xbox Live Gold subscriptions will cost $60 a year instead of $40

Xbox Live Gold subscriptions were already $40 a year but that price is set to increase to $60 a year in the next few weeks. This is a double whammy for subscribers, as previously they could purchase six-month subscriptions for $20, three-month subscriptions for $25, and one-month subscriptions for $10. Microsoft is denying any plans to change the price of Xbox Live Gold, but VGC has asked for a response.

The increase to Xbox Live Gold subscriptions comes as the company seeks to attract more users to its subscription service, Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft’s new service is an online game library that offers a Netflix-like subscription to thousands of games. It has already reached more than 15 million subscribers and has been touting those numbers on its website. Microsoft also says it will automatically convert up to 36 months of pre-paid Xbox Live subscription time into Game Pass Ultimate.

The price hikes are expected to take effect 45 days after notification is sent to Xbox Live subscribers. Some regions have already started receiving these notifications, but most have not. Microsoft is likely to run promotions to get subscribers to renew their subscriptions at the old price. However, the new price isn’t likely to affect the Xbox 360’s momentum in the near future.

Currently, a twelve-month Xbox Live Gold subscription costs $50, but that will change in November to $60 a year. The new price will apply to both new and existing subscribers. However, the current price of six-month subscriptions remains at $40 a year, while the five-month subscriptions in the UK and Canada will be $10 instead of $15.

Microsoft is making amends to Xbox users by reducing the price of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions. Subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will no longer cost more than Rs. 489 a month, and Xbox Game Pass will no longer be required to play free-to-play games. Microsoft is also dropping the price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which also includes Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox owners can get a $20 discount by downloading a digital code or ordering a physical card. Microsoft did not respond to CNET’s request for comment. However, if they wish to save money, they can also purchase a Gold membership. If they want to play Xbox games on their Xbox 360s, they can now play Netflix through Netflix.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will cost $120 a year instead of $60

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a service that bundles Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox One into a $15 monthly membership. It previously required Xbox Live Gold to play multiplayer games. However, Microsoft is raising the price to encourage more people to sign up for the service. The new price will take effect 45 days after the email notification. Recurring subscriptions will stay at the current price.

One big advantage to the Xbox Game Pass is the growing library of games. The games available in the subscription service can be played anywhere, even when subscribers are offline. This makes Game Pass a great upsell for gamers. For $15 a month, subscribers can access an increasing library of games, plus cloud gaming. Microsoft is also working on a family plan, which would allow up to five people to access its massive library.

While this increase is not likely to affect subscriptions that have auto-renewing capabilities, it will impact subscribers with shorter subscription periods. In addition, pre-paid codes will be affected. In the meantime, Xbox Live Gold subscription prices will remain at current levels. Those with a long-term subscription will continue to receive discounts.

Those who are already subscribed to Xbox Game Pass may want to consider this deal as a good time to upgrade their subscriptions to the new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This will allow them to access Xbox Live Gold, xCloud streaming, and access to more than 100 games.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will convert remaining Xbox Live Gold time to Xbox Game Gold, but the price difference will not be noticeable until 45 days after the announcement. For those who already have Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, it is still a great way to convert your remaining live gold time. It’s possible to convert the remaining time to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at a reduced price, allowing you to enjoy access to Xbox Live Gold for as long as you want makeeover.

Microsoft’s pricing strategy was carefully planned and executed. It was shipped to stores and printed, and the increase was never intended to be a publicity stunt. Eventually, Xbox Live Gold would include free-to-play games as well. This makes the Xbox Game Pass price hike seem like an unnecessary price increase.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is expected to cost $15 a month. Xbox Game Pass includes Xbox Live Gold, which is essential for playing multiplayer games on Xbox consoles. As the Xbox Game Pass is increasingly central to the Xbox One, users should prepare to pay this new price in order to keep enjoying the service.

Xbox Game Pass users should plan their gaming experience carefully and plan ahead. The company’s plan for Xbox Live Gold has been a popular option for gamers for years, but the price is likely to rise. While Xbox Game Pass provides access to hundreds of games for a low monthly price, the future of the service may be uncertain.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an easy upsell

If you are looking to add more gaming content to your home entertainment system, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a great option. It combines the benefits of Xbox Game Pass with the convenience of online multiplayer. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, subscribers will have access to Xbox Live Gold and the full library of Xbox games. Plus, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can download games to their PC as long as they stay subscribed.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for $15 per month and offers a growing library of games. This service also gives customers access to cloud gaming, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and EA Play discounts. It is also a great way to keep existing Gold members engaged with Xbox games. As an added benefit, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows subscribers to save time while enjoying their games.

You can purchase Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in the Microsoft Store or through the Xbox Live Gold service. Just make sure you cancel all other subscriptions before purchasing Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The subscription will automatically renew every three years. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a great way to introduce more games to your gaming experience powerful idea.

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