My Basement Flooded – What Will Insurance Cover?

If your basement flooded, you may wonder: “What will insurance cover?” Luckily, the majority of policies do. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that flood damage is not always covered by their homeowners insurance policy. Here are a few things to keep in mind. The first step in claiming your insurance coverage is to gather receipts. These are important to show that your property was damaged and how much you spent on each item. Also, take pictures of the damaged areas. It’ll help the adjuster understand what happened, and it’s easier to make a claim if you have hard evidence. rexdlcom

Most flood insurance policies only cover the physical loss of the home from flooding. Consequently, personal property stored in the basement is not covered. However acmarketnet, you may be able to receive coverage for this property elsewhere in your home. However, if you’re in a high-risk flood zone, you’ll want to purchase supplemental flood insurance. Supplemental flood insurance is available and the cost varies depending on your location. manytoon

Once you’ve isolated the source of the flooding, it’s important to turn off all electricity and gas. Don’t submerge if you’ve turned on the power, or else it will be hard to get your insurance. If you’ve lost some valuable personal property, you’ll want to salvage what you can. If the damage to your belongings is extensive, you may have to call an electrician. Regardless, your flood insurance policy will cover at least the damage done to your property, as long as you’ve taken proper safety precautions. manytoons

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