Should You Get a Leather Office Chair?

In an office setting, a chair can indicate power and status. Picking out chairs is thus a task of extensive consideration. And as other types of chairs have flooded the market, a debate has begun on whether a leather office chair is still the way to go. So, here’s everything you need to consider before your next office shopping spree.

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It’s the Classic Office Look

For decades, the leather chair has been the symbol of luxury. It is the boss’s chair, the most comfortable in the office. Leather chairs have a distinct ‘office’ look that makes the space ready for business. So, there’s no doubt that leather chairs fit well in a professional setting. There’s something about sitting in one that just makes you want to be productive.

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Leather chairs are filled with cushiony material that makes them very comfortable. Not only are they easy to sit on, but branded leather office chairs are also ergonomically designed to fit the natural shape of the spine, hips, and legs. So, have you ever gotten numb legs or a stiff back from sitting in a chair for too long? A leather chair might fix that. People now spend full office days at their desks, so investing in chairs that support this posture can impact health.


Why do you think people choose to buy leather bags? Leather is tough and extremely durable. It can survive rough use, harsh weather, and dust and pollution. Besides, as a business, you don’t want your expenses to centre around office equipment, and buying a leather chair once means you’ve got the chair for years to come.

Pick From Tons of Options

Compared to other kinds of chairs, mesh chairs, for instance, there are more options available in leather chairs. And since they’ve been around for longer, designers have taken it up a notch, and you now can choose from so many options! A rolling chair, a chair with a headrest, different armrests, and so much more! As such, you can truly find something that you’re comfortable in, and that matches the office’s vibe.


One of the reasons why leather lasts so long is because the surface does not allow bacteria to breed. And if you live in a temperate zone and anticipate that workers might sweat through the day, leather can be slightly uncomfortable to sit on, but it will surely be the hygienic option. You can wipe leather seats with a damp cloth or spray disinfectant on them, and any damage is reversed. Compare this to simple cushioned chairs, which would absorb any liquid on them. Over a couple of years, you’d practically be sitting on a cushion of germs and bacteria.

Slightly More Expensive

If you have any experience buying a leather office chair, you know it is expensive. Of course, it also depends on the type of leather. And since leather chairs have so many advantages, you will be spending more at once than if you were to buy simpler chairs.

Is It Genuine?

There’s one risk: you might be tricked into buying false leather. Hence, always take an expert with you or go to a trusted source. You don’t want to be seated in a scam while trying to deliver your business to success.

Chair Maintenance

Leather is sturdy and durable, yes, but it also requires some maintenance. Without a leather conditioner, you might see cracks developing in your leather over time. Also, keep the chair out of direct sunlight to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

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