Travel Personalities – Identifying Your Travel Destination

We all have certain travel personalities, and identifying one may help you plan a vacation to a new destination. The personality traits described below are part of what makes us tick. Whether you’re looking for a vacation to a new city, or a family vacation to your hometown, these traits can help you plan your vacation. If you’re a city slicker, you may want to head to the city for the fun and excitement, and this is the perfect opportunity to do it. This personality type loves big, exciting cities with buzzing streets and bustling nightlife. They also enjoy the variety of recreational facilities and entertainment.

If you love exploring new cultures, soaking up the culture and absorbing different perspectives, travel is an excellent way to recharge. You’ll find that different travel personalities are suited for different types of travel. Some are drawn to mountainous areas while others prefer beaches or lush forests. Whichever one you are, you’ll find a vacation that suits your personality. You’ll be glad you did. But when you choose a destination, make sure to research the area before you make your final decision.

Then there’s the adventurous travel personality. These people enjoy extreme experiences and are known for having long lists of “1000 places to see before I die”. Often they prefer to travel solo or with a group. And they have no problem sacrificing privacy to get that perfect selfie! They’re also the most likely to leave their travel plans up to chance – leaving plenty of details to fate. If you’re an adventurer, consider your own travel personality when choosing your vacation!

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