Why Are American Trucks Different to European Trucks?

If you’ve ever wondered why American trucks are different from their European counterparts, the answer probably lies in the design of the truck. In the US, owners-operators often spend months in their vehicles, and they are built for long-haul trips. As a result, American trucks typically have longer wheelbases and more interior space than European trucks. Owners of European trucks rarely choose to convert their vehicles into large living spaces, instead opting for the more compact, lower-profile cabin ailovemusic.

Another major difference between the two is the nose. European trucks have a flat nose, while their American counterparts have long ones. The reason is simple: European truckers are more expensive. They earn around $40,000 a year. They also face the same shortage of truck drivers as Americans, which leads to longer shipping times. However, these differences aren’t as glaring as they first seem. In fact, European trucks have many advantages that Americans simply can’t match musicalnepal.

Another difference between European and American trucks is fuel efficiency. European trucks are more fuel efficient, but American trucks have historically been less fuel efficient. Diesel costs in Europe are much higher than in the US, so American truck drivers must pay more for fuel than their European counterparts. However, the US EPA recently announced a new set of heavy-truck fuel economy and CO2 standards. The headline goal is to cut fuel use in new long-haul trucks by up to 30 percent compared to 2010 standards. The new standards have the potential to disrupt Europe’s truck supremacy in a few ways flowerstips.

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